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Warcraft III Configuration Utility

Weird Application in StarDat.mpq (SC)
DLL in INSTALL.EXE of Broodwar (SCBW)
Editing MiscData.txt for Warcraft III
Editing the hero level cap in Warcraft III
Local IDs for MPQ files (MPQ)

Modified / Patched Files
MPQ Research

Enter the forum

Current version of Diablo: 1.09b
Current version of Warcraft II BNE: 2.02

Current version of Starcraft: 1.10
Current version of Broodwar: 1.10
Current version of Diablo II: 1.10
Current version of Diablo II: LoD: 1.10
Current version of Warcraft III: 1.12

Current version of Warcraft III: TFT: 1.12





Sorry for being inactive
I haven't updated this website for a couple of months now. I want to appologise for any inconvenience connected with that. Some people might know, that I am very active at www.wc3campaigns.com.


New version of War3Config available
Today I release a new version (1.6) of War3Config. This new version contains a bunch of new features and changes. Check it out here.


MPQ Listfiles updated
The MPQ Listfiles for Warcraft II BNE and Warcraft III have been updated. I also added lists for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Bill Roper Interview about World of Warcraft in PC Games
In the current edition of PC Games (06/03), one of the biggest german computer game magazines, an interview with Bill Roper about World of Warcraft can be read. On the DVD, which comes with the magazine, the interview can be heard in it's full length.
Fortunately, they kept the original English voice uncut on another DVD track. I ripped it and put it up to download it. You can download it here. To get more information about it, go to this thread into my forum. I'll post the questions there (on the DVD it was a movie, where the questions were displayed in German). I can't add the questions to the MP3 file, so head into my forum. I'll also post the text of the interview there.

Petition Signatures Needed!
To get a MDX tool, which is necessary that we can edit/create 3D models for Warcraft III, FM_Drax (WC3Campaigns) started a petition, which will be sent to Blizzard to ask them if they can create a tool for the purpose mentioned above. The point is that everyone can help by signing the pedition at http://www.petitiononline.com/wc3mdx. The more people sign in, the bigger is the chance that Blizzard does what we demand. You can also discuss it in my forum if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints.

Several site changes
I changed quite much stuff at this site. There is now a new icon for site news. I removed all old news to keep the front page small. I removed the links, because they were incomplete and needed too much space. Maybe I'll create something like a link database, where all mentionable Blizzard related pages are listed.


New version of War3Config available
Today I release a new version (1.5b) of War3Config. This new version fixes minor appearance issues caused due to the changes of version 1.5b. Check it out here.


New version of War3Config available
Today I release a new version (1.5a) of War3Config. This new version contains a bunch of new features and changes. Check it out here.


New download page
I decided to put a download page at my Brinkster website. From there the downloads work. You can download the files from here using DAP or you can go to the same page at Brinkster.

Download solution
After hard work over weeks I've found a solution. It's not the best anyway, but up to now I didn't find anything better. The downloads work now again, but you have to use a download manager like Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) to download the files. Otherwise it won't work.

Anway, I appreciate any ideas posted into my forum to resolve this problem completely (the current solution is not sufficient).


World of Warcraft Beta close to come?
In a Starcraft: Ghost interview from Gamer.no Bill Roper, vice president of Blizzard Entertainment, stated that the beta-test for World of Warcraft will start this year:

Also this year, we will be going into beta-testing on World of Warcraft, which is our massively multiplayer online game set in the WarCraft universe.

While we knew that there will be a beta test for it at some time, now we know that it will be definitely this year. By the way, the interview is worth to read anyway.


All downloads are down
Because of a change in the terms of service of Netfirms, who host my "download server", currently all my downloads are down. I'm on the way to find a solution for it. A possible result is that scfreak045.netfirms.com (currently my mirror and file host) would become the main site and scfreak.0catch.com (currently regarded as the main site) would be shut down forever. To get the most up to date information regarding the status of a possible solution check also the posts in my forum. I would be happy if you discuss with me about possible solutions.

File format changes
I'm on the way to change all downloads from ZIP to RAR. The reason for this is that RAR files have better compression, so there are two advantages. I don't run out of webspace and you get the files faster. The first part of it is done. The new listfiles can only be downloaded in RAR format. Soon the download section will follow. If you don't have a program to open RAR files, try WinRAR.

Big listfile update
All my MPQ listfiles have been updated. Go here to download them.
Big thanks go to BlackDick, who posted very useful information about it on the WC3Campaigns Forum.

New forum software
I've switched the forum software, because I think the Bravenet forum sucked. I am using now YaBB SP1 Gold. I think this is a good change and will hopefully attract some people to come to my forum.
Note: This forum is hosted by my mirror, because 0Catch doesn't support Perl scripting.
03.01.2003: "Warcraft III Spell Autoimplementer" released
Today I release a new tool of mine, which helps you with spell implementing. Just download it here. Further information on it can be found in the readme.



New article: "Local IDs for MPQ files"
I've written an article about Local IDs for MPQ files and how they impact on the games. Furthermore there are some infos about ID dependent files in Warcraft III. Give it a read here!


Random text with hints
I've added a random text below the title of the main page. By now it has 6 different texts. I am sure that number will increase.

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